What was Scout Fellowship?

Scout Fellowship has now been discontinued and replaced by Scout Active Support. The management structure has
changed from a committee run by a chairman, treasurer and secretary, to a Unit Manager appointed by the District
Commissioner. There is still a web site (see link below) showing what Scout Fellowship used to do for the District, and
including historical information and photographs of the District.

What is Scout Active Support?

It is a group of adults who have one thing in common - a wish to support Scouting. Scout Active Support welcomes
men and women of all ages, interests and backgrounds. There is no need to have been involved in Scouting or
Guiding before, all that is required is a willingness to give some of your time to Scouting. In return you will make
friends and be able to join with others doing whatever you decide. A Scout Active Suport unit has its own social
and activity programme.

The aim of Scout Active Support is to "Provide Active Support", with the emphasis being very much on supporting
the youth programme in an active manner, at all levels of the Association from the local Scout Group to National level.

So what do we mean by "Active Support"?

Active Support encompasses the talents of adults of all ages and abilities, whether it is physical, mental, geared
to a particular technical skill or general support. It could be as a badge examiner, a Training Adviser to new leaders,
catering for courses, running pioneering courses, assisting with hill walking, rock climbing etc. We all have something
to offer as far as supporting Scouting is concerned whatever our age or ability.

In fact, active support means just about anything!

Scout Active Support is a large part of the 'backbone' of the Scout Movement - supporting the young people and
voluntary leaders wherever help is required. The key to our success is our flexibility - we're here to help.

The District currently has no Scout Active Suport unit, but if anyone is interested in being a member of one
then please contact me - Graham Haw, District Commissioner - on 01643 863117.
To find out about the former local  West Somerset District Scout Fellowship click here